Tese Onze

Tese Onze was an online communications project aimed at disseminating Marxist and ecosocialist analysis through research in various online platforms. Its main production consisted of weekly videos on youtube.com/teseonze, with complementary material on instagram.com/teseonze and other platforms such as TikTok, Twitter and Twitch.

The videos consisted of carefully curated analysis developed and presented by Sabrina Fernandes and the majority of them also include English subtitles.

Selected videos:

Imperial Mode of Living (EN subtitles)
Socialism and contradiction (EN subtitles)
Time and invisible labour
(EN subtitles)
Iphone Socialist (EN subtitles)
Do you believe in climate change science? (EN audio)
Playlist on Palestine (EN subtitles)


Entreteses was the podcast produced by Sabrina and the Tese Onze theme in 2022, leading up to the Brazilian federal election.
The episodes are available on Spotify and other podcast players.


Fundamentes was an online book club, consisting of six books per year, an online learning platform, videos and livestreams with Sabrina and guests.