06 Feb 2017

Crisis of Praxis: Depoliticization and Leftist Fragmentation in Brazil

[Download the author’s copy of the dissertation here]

This dissertation project focuses on two problems in Brazilian left politics: fragmentation and depoliticization. There is consensus inside the Brazilian left regarding its fragmentation, but little analysis has been done beyond the perception of the organizations and activists involved. The same can be said about depoliticization, explained here through the phenomena of post-politics and ultra-politics, and which is arguably the mark of the difficulties the left has found to mobilize the working class even as it is under attack. This dissertation fills the gap in the literature by addressing these two problems from the Gramscian perspective of a crisis of praxis. The concept of a crisis of praxis is proposed to attend to the misalignment between theory and practice at the leftist organizational level that has led to melancholia and distance from the consciousness of the class. It is argued that without properly addressing fragmentation and depoliticization, the left will have trouble appealing to the working class, especially given the conclusions of a crisis of representation that was exposed in Brazil in June 2013.

This project was made possible through the support of SSHRC, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Mitacs, Carleton University (GRIT), and OPIRG-Carleton.

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